Shogun Orchestra

SHOGUN ORCHESTRA enjoys mixing different influences from all over the world. They have also explored African musics like Afro-beat and Highlife, while Jennifer Zea adds a unique South-American salsa flavor to the group. SHOGUN ORCHESTRA is a Wellington super-group that was originally formed in order to perform at the San Francisco Bathhouse during the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Lucien Johnson, composer and arranger, had spent three months in Haiti as a theatre director and had a direct link to the tragic events. The music was a mix of traditional Haitian songs and Johnson’s original music. They were so captivated by it that Economy Records decided to release an album. SHOGUN ORCHESTRA’s personnel are experienced musicians at their peak (the band also includes members from Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Black Seeds), as well as Jennifer Zea, a Venezuelan singer currently living in Auckland. from

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