Sidsel Endresen

Sidsel has collaborated with many international and Norwegian musicians and composers, and worked in a variety of art forms and genres. Since 1984, she has been a leader and founder of her own projects and groups. She also performs solo with contemporary ensembles, symphonies, and choirs around the world. Endresen is a multi-media artist, performing, theatre, and dancer. She has also been a leader in work that uses the voice as a solo instrument. Sidsel has released 14 albums and participated in many group projects that included both Norwegian and international artists. Endresen is a composer of music and lyrics, as well as music for 10 dance / theatre sets and large commissions for many organizations, such the Molde Jazz Festival -93 and Vossa-Jazz -96 and Bergen NattJazz -02, and Barbican (London -05). Sidsel has participated in festivals throughout Scandinavia, England and Canada, China, Japan, and Europe. Awards and Achievements: 4 Spellemannpriser, Oslo Artist Price (Norwegian Grammy), Kongsberg JazzFestivals Musikian Price, BuddyPrisen, The highest award in Norwegian Jazz. She was also nominated in 2000 for the Nordic Council Music Prize. Since 1990, she has been a worldwide celebrity. Many of her albums have been voted “The Month Release”, and “The Critiques Choice”, among others. In various international magazines. from

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