Simon Deeley

A jazz pianist, composer, teacher based in Wales, UK. My current project is to arrange and perform my compositions with Simon Deeley’s Blue Haze. My writing focuses on three main genres: Jazz-Fusion, Latin Jazz and Ballad. You will find my three albums, which were recorded over four years, featuring groove-driven, blues-infused Jazz Fusion tracks, vibrant, high-energy Latin-Jazz and reflective, evocative Ballads. Simon was born in Clent Nr, North Worcestershire. Kidderminster, UK. At seven years old, he began his musical education with piano lessons. His studies were primarily focused on classical music until his twenties. However, he was always interested in jazz, blues, and rock music. He began to take an interest in jazz music and started playing at jazz clubs in the Birmingham and W. Midlands. He played with some of the most acclaimed and well-known players in the Midlands scene at the time, such as Percy Pursglove and Casey Greene, Andy Derrick, Chris Gumbley, Steve Ajao and Steve Ajao. Simon founded the Jazz at the Bonded Warehouse club in 2000. It was a well-known club that saw top Midlands musicians and nationally recognized artists perform there every week for 16 years. Simon has been a piano teacher for over a decade. Simon has been a piano teacher for over 20 years. He is a specialist in jazz and improvisation tuition. Simon is also a strong believer in composition. Simon has been a composer and performer of jazz music since his youth. Composition has been his main focus for the majority of his musical career. His focus has been on writing since his 2014 move to the Welsh Borders. This has led to the production of three albums of his music – Crossing Borders (2016) and From the Blue Hills (2017). The latter two albums were recorded by Blue Haze. Since autumn last year Simon has been focusing on performing Afan’s Dance music (recorded Sept. 2019, with the trio). When conditions permit, the next project will be to record the powerful blues, soul-jazz composition, ‘Blue Blues Horizon’. This was composed by Simon (music u0026 lyrics) and Devon Harrison (vocalist). from

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