Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is a world-renowned drummer. His style reflects not only his technical talent but also his unique musical sensibility. Simon’s drumming is always intense and precise. Simon began his professional musical career at twelve years old, performing and recording with Sid Phillips’ Dixielandband band until he was sixteen. His career was boosted when he was offered to join the musicalJesus Christ superstar. Simon quickly became one of London’s most renowned sessiondrummers. He was already well on his way towards a brilliant amusical career in his early twenties. He has recorded and toured with many artists and bands, including Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce and Peter Gabriel. Simon moved to the USA in 1992 when he was asked to join Toto on their worldwide tour. Since then, he has been a full-time member. In 1996, he toured extensively across Europe, Japan and SE Asia, in addition to recording “Tambu”, the Toto album. Simon decided to take a breakfrom Toto in 1997 to achieve a personal milestone: He led his own tour band and was the bandleader for the firsttime. The great year saw tours in Europe, Japan, and the United States as well as a performance at The North SeaJazz Festival. 1998 saw the recording of another Toto studio album entitled”Mindfields”, followed by 2 years of touring around the world of whichthe live CD “Livefields” captures. In 2002/03, Toto’s most recent album “Throughthe Looking Glass”, took them on extensive concerts in Europe and Asia. Simon began to expand his career, moving from drumming and writing solo projects. He recorded his first album, “Protocol”, in 1988. “ForceMajeure”, in 1992, was his second. He recorded “Symbiosis” in 1995. It was as energetic and inspired as ever. The compositions showed a shift in direction. Simon enjoys linking his musical growth and artistic development to his move to America. His 1997 album “AnotherLifetime”, which was released in 1997, shows another layer of his highly resourceful playing and a more motivated composing. In 1998, he released “Out of the Blue”, which was a live album. In 1999, he made a complete style change with his new record, “Vantage Point”, a straight-forward jazz album. Simon has also expanded his musical career by producing andengineering. He first began this with Mike Oldfield in England, where he worked on three albums. Simon co-produced Toto’s 1995 album “Tambu”, followed by “Mindfields” in 1998. Simon was asked to engineer the latest Toto album. He spent several months recording “Through the Looking Glass”, in his studio, during the winter 2001/02. Simonis currently mixing a newly recorded show for the next Toto DVD in his studio. Simon was unable to perform with Toto in 2000 and instead recorded with DerekSherinian. He is also the former Dream Theater producer and engineer. The next year saw the recordings of progressive band Planet X and “Moonbabies”, as well as mixing a live CD called “Live FromOz”. Simon’s empathy for different styles of music, and his keen interest in sound and arrangements, will always motivate him to continue his career. from

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