Simon Picard

Simon Picard gained fame first with his award-winning Stinky Winkles. But it was as the “P”. in the outstanding trio, R.P.M. that Picard received critical acclaim. He was a star among an older generation. Tony Marsh was a familiar name, but the younger men were an amazing surprise. A new line-up was created – 7 R.P.M. 7 R.P.M. was added to the lineup. Simon performed regularly at Bracknell Jazz Festival where he also appeared with Trevor Watts Moire Music and John Stevens Folkus. His other ventures include membership in Barry Guy’s London jazz composers’ orchestra, numerous projects with Keith Tippett and Elton Dean, as well leading his own groups. We saw many of these projects as Elton organized the Jazz Rumours nights at Old Vortex and Simon was regarded as a regular through the 1990’s. From

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