Sinouj, an Afro-Mediterranean group, mixes Magreb and Middle Eastern music with modern jazz, funk and West African Music. Sinouj incorporates elements such as Arabic rhythms into a modern view of jazz and funk music with a electronic tinge. Sinouj’s unique sound is distinguished by the combination of an oriental violin and sax, driven by an unstoppable African rhythm section. Sinouj’s unique sound is due to the diversity of its members’ musical and geographic backgrounds. Pablo Hernandez, the Spanish alto saxophonist, has performed with many jazz, rock, pop, funk, and Arabic musicians, including Javier Paxarino and Charbel Rouhana and Wast El Balad. Larbi Sasi, a violinist, is considered one of the best performers of Arabic music in the Maghreb. He has performed with some of the most prominent singers and bands in Maghreb music, both in Tunisia and his home country. Two young Nigerian musicians make up the rhythm section. Akin Onasanya is a highly sought-after drummer in Madrid. He plays jazz, funk and r

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