Sins Of Satan

Detroit’s self-contained soul/funk group, which featured Lester Williams (lead singer and guitarist), John Brooks(lead vocals u0026 congas and percussion), Jerome Barnes and Robin Gentry (vocals u0026 precession), Jess Godfrey and Jess Godfrey respectively. The 1976 Buddah Records release “Dance and Free Your Mind” was a success. It dropped from the Thou Shalt Boogie Forever album that year. With input from the group, Sins of Satan’s first album was produced by Al Perkins and Jimmy Roach. They left Buddah in 1977 and were signed to United Artists Records. The singles “Love Brings Love” was released (September 1977) and the “Change Man”, (February 1978). Roach was soon absent from the picture and Future Star’s promotion failed to make it a success. Oliver Cheatham joined the band and began singing lead vocals. Roundtrip was formed and recorded on MCA. Oliver followed Cheatham. Allmusic

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