Sizemix is a three-piece, genre-bending trio consisting of turntables, guitar, and bass. Their resulting sound blends elements of improvisation and their own take on trip-hop/hip-hop/downtempo electronic forms into an original format. Each member brings their own perspective and background to music, which allows them to explore new tonal possibilities and expand the range of sounds. The three of them were part of Varius Ardis for two years, a five-piece band (add trumpet and drums), before forming Sizemix in 2002. DJ Eye: Turntables is a DJ and producer force to be reckoned. DJ Eye is changing how Turntables are integrated with live music. He has performed with Tre Hardson, Del the Funky Homosapien and Madgesdiq, as well as performing with A Typical DJ, Ramiz The Manchild, in the Turntablist/Hip Hop group, Subliminal Twinkeez. Mike Nissen: Guitar Mike is a talented visual artist and natural musician. He brings his unique approach for guitar and live looping to the mix. Mike, like DJ Eye is working to change the way his instrument and live looping functions in a stripped-down trio format. Mike is a certified guitarist and has been a member of many Jazz, Funk and Rock bands. He also plays a custom-built guitar that he made in 1999. Mike’s keen sense of taste and sensitivity are key ingredients to the Sizemix sound. His fresh perspective on sound color and infectious optimism are also crucial. He is a valued principal “painter” in Sizemix and should not be missed. Jason Hoopes: Bass Jason, a multi-instrumentalist, has worked in Metal, Progressive Rock (Hermetic Science), Big Band/Jazz/Blues, Rock (Alias Real, Finius), Hip-Hop, and experimental/improvisatory ensembles and brings a unique versatility to Sizemix. He has a BS degree in music composition from Southern Oregon University. He plans to pursue his MA in composition at Mills College in Oakland over the next few years. Jason performs in many groups and also composes for a variety musicians. CDBaby

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