Sjob Movement

One of many great Nigerian bands that fused funk, afrobeat, and highlife in mid- to late 1970s Nigeria. The name SJOB Movement was simply derived from the names of the members of the band: Sam, Johnnie and Ottah. Academy recently reissued their first album, A Move In The Right Direction. It was a powerful afro-psychedelo-funk record that caused quite a stir in Nigeria. Sjob Movement, led by Prince Bola Agbana (drummer and singer), embraced new ideas for their second LP Friendship Train. The synthesizer is a great complement to all of the tracks. Sjob still has the same grueling funk they have previously displayed, but they add synth and the sometimes haunting vocals of Prince Bola Agbana to explore new waters. These songs are full of danceable rhythms that can be paired up with unsettling structures and production. “Odiaria” features sax skronk and brash horns, as well as elements juju or screeching synths. “Love Affair’s” minimal bass grooves are enhanced by pulsating congas as well as organ runs. Friendship Train is a great choice for fans of 70’s African rock u0026 funk, but it also stands out thanks to its use synth and dark undercurrents. Get on board! (Dom) from

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