Skúli Sverrisson

Skuli Sverrisson, a New York City-based Icelandic composer and bassist was born 23 October 1966. Skuli Sverrisson, a bass guitarist and composer, has collaborated with many artists over the past 20 years, including free jazz legends Wadada Leo Smith and Derek Bailey, as well as music icons Lou Reed, Jon Hassel and Arto Lindsey, and composers Ryuichi Sakamoto and Johann Johannsson. Sverrisson is also well-known for his work as an artist director for Olof (Innundir Skinni and Vid og Vid), as well as recordings with Blonde Redhead. He was also a musical director for Laurie Anderson. He has also released duo albums in collaboration with artists like Oskar Gudjonsson, Hilmar Jensson, and Anthony Burr. Many influential groups have included Pachora, Alas No Axis and The Allan Holdworth group. Sverrisson also composed music for The Icelandic Dance Company, Volva and numerous films and installations like Welcome and Music for furniture (Open Source), Spacial Meditation with Claudia Hill and When it was Blue (experimental film maker Jennifer Reeves). Sverrisson created Seria in 2005, an ensemble that featured Ameo Pace (Blonde Redhead), Olof Haralds and David Thor Jonsson. Seria was released in 2006, and Seria ll in 2010. Over 100 recordings have been recorded and he has performed with many artists around the globe. He has three new recordings from his ongoing collaboration with Anthony Burr, as well as a duo recording with Oskar Guidjonsson. Sverrisson was awarded five Icelandic Music Awards, including Icelandic Album Of The Year for Seria 2006. Sverrisson has collaborated with many musicians and groups including Hildur Gudnadottir and Hilmar Jensson. He was also awarded the Icelandic Album of the Year for Seria in 2006. [1][2][3] His Mo Boma group included Jamshied Sharifi, Carsten Tiedemann and Chris Speed. They released 4 albums on Extreme: “Jijimuge”, “Myths Of The Near Future-Part One”, “Myths Of the Near Future-Part Two” and “Mythsof the Near Future-Part Three”. Seremonie was his solo album in 1997, and Seria in 2006. The Icelandic Music Awards voted Seria the “Best Album of the Year”. Sverrisson can also play charango, acoustic and dobro guitars, as well as electric bass. Sverrisson is Laurie Anderson’s music director and travels with her around the world. Allmusic

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