Slawek Jaskułke

Sławek Jaskułke (born 1979) is a Polish pianist, composer and bandleader. One of the most original talents of polish jazz of the past decade. Pianist, arranger, music producer, member of Zbigniew Namysłowski Quintet. Composer of piano, orchestra, theatre and film music. Jaskułke has performed at world’s biggest stages, including: Carnegie Hall in New York, Symphony Hall in Chicago, Munich Philharmonic, Moscow International Performing Arts Center. He has taken part in world’s greatest festivals, including: North Sea Jazz Festival, Berlin Jazz Fest, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Padova Jazz Festival, Garana International Jazz Festival, Jazz Jamboree. He has performed in dozens of countries around the world and on almost all continents. Among his most important awards are: ‘Pegaz’ – polish TV award for musical achievements, ‘Jazz Oscar’ of Music Lovers Association in Łódź, he was a nominee for Fryderyk – Polish Phonographic Industry Award for Jazz Musician of the Year and Jazz Album of the Year for ‘Jaskułke – Fill The Harmony Philharmonics’ with Cameral Orchestra Hanseatica. In 2006 he represented Poland at the Music Beyond Borders Festival in Hong Kong, which resulted with recording an album ‘Jaskułke – Hong Kong’. In September 2010 he appeared at the World Expo in Shanghai, presenting a premiere of a specially preapred project: ‘Jaskułke – Chopin for five pianos’. He cooperated, among others, with David Murray, Erik Vloeimans, David “Fuzz” Fiuczynski, Peter Cancura, Furio di Castri, Urszula Dudziak, Krzesimir Dębski, Michał Urbaniak, Janusz Muniak, Tomasz Szukalski, Adam Pierończyk, L.U.C, Tymon Tymański. from wikipedia

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