Sleep Walker

Sleep Walker is a Japanese jazz quartet that includes Masato Nakamura on sax, Hajime Yoshizawa on piano, Kiyoshi Sugimoto (bass), Kiyoshi Kawa (piano) and Tomokazu Sugimoto(bass), respectively. Nobuaki Fujii was the drummer. In 2000, the 12″ vinyl Ai No Kawa/Ressurection was released. Their sound is characterized by heavy percussion, fat bass, heavy percussion and free piano improvisation. Sleep Walker’s debut album, Sleep Walker, was released by Especial Records. Jazzanova and Laurent Garnier praised the album. Sleep Walker and Pharoah Bernie performed four nights consecutively at the Jazz Cafe in London, December 2003. Along with UFO (United Future Organisation), Chari Chari, and Kyoto Jazz Massive they toured in headliner form to over 2000 people in Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria. The Voyage was released by Sleep Walker in 2004. In the spring 2005, River of Love, a compilation album from Especial Records, Essence of Especial, followed. Sleep Walker’s second album, The Voyage From Village Again / Especial Records was released in 2006. They also performed at the METAMORPHOSE festival with Pharoah. The Voyage was awarded Domestic club / Dance album award at the ADLIB BRIT AWARDS. An album featuring the past work of Sleep Walkers, new remixes, and new recordings WORKS was published in the summer 2007.

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