Slivovitz was founded in September 2001. Since then, it has been moving, growing, changing direction and embracing the rhythm of jazz-rock instrumental music. They have played throughout Italy, including in Hungary, Spain, Barcelona, Serbia, Serbia, Belgrade, Croatia, Zagreb, and Austria (Mumyuha Festival Highneukirchen). Slivovitz (Ethnoworld 2005), HUBRIS (recorded 2007 and released by Moonjune 2009), and Bani Ahead (2011). The hard-core group of Derek di Perri (harmonica), Marcello Giannini (“guitars”), Pietro Santangelo (“saxophones”) and Riccardo Villari (“violin”) formed the line-up. Domenico Angarano (bass), Stefano Costanzo(drums), produced and recorded their first two releases: “Slivovitz”, (Ethnoworld 2005), and “Hubris”, (Moonjune 2009.) This album also features Ludovica Mnzo singing. Their last album, “Bani Ahead”, (Moonjune 2011, which features Salvatore Rainone (bass) and Ciro Riccardi (trumpet), sounds more cohesive stylistically than previous releases. Eight tracks were recorded in the open country at Zork Studio (Buccino Salerno) by Daniele Chiariello. They were mixed in Sorrento with vintage equipment by Peppe de Angelis. It has a rock sound but retains a classic ethnic flavor. Visit

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