slum*gum (slum’gum) n. 1. Slumgum, a term used in beekeeping, is the impure residue consisting of cocoons and propolis after honeycombs have been removed from their wax. 2. “An outstanding, risk-taking jazz quartet hailing from Los Angeles” (Gabe Meline and North Bay Bohemian). Slumgum is an innovative quartet of musicians who are always on the cutting edge. Unbridled imagination and diverse influences, including jazz, free improvisation and modern classical music, are the band’s distinctive voice. Their collaboration is rare in an ensemble. It allows their musical curiosity to explode and produces daring results. These qualities are reflected in the band’s original and vibrant compositions. Slumgum performs live with their original music with spontaneity, grit, and finesse. Slumgum’s exhilarating songs show their joy in playing together. Slumgum: Jon Armstrong: Tenor Sax Rory Cowal; Piano David Tranchina. Bass Trevor Anderies. Drums. from

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