The Norwegian jazz scene is like a magician’s hat: When you think there is nothing more, there’s always something else to surprise us. SNIK is a good example. These compositions were composed by Kristoffer Kompen, trombonist, and Ole Morten Vagan (double bassist). Vagan is a well-known name in Scandinavian jazz. He has been a member of Joshua Redman Trio, his quintet Motif and wrote scores for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Kompen was just 15 years old when he joined the Jazzin’ Babies big band. Since then, the sky seems to be the limit for him. Kompen is the founder of Union Rhythm Kings, Kompen Quintet, and author of “Tribute To Jack Teagarden”, perhaps the most important link between today’s trombone practice and the time of the “father of jazz trombone”. Wow! They show us, together with Kristoffer Berre Albs and Erik Nylander, that cold jazz is impossible even in the presence of snow and ice. “Metasediment Rock is for the sensible what volcanoes are for close-by villages: dangerous. from

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