Soichi Noriki

(b Kyoto, Japan Oct 20, 1957). Japanese arranger, pianist, leader. From the age of four to twelve, he took piano lessons and joined his father’s band, the Kyoto Bel-Ami All Stars. In 1974, he moved to Tokyo. He joined George Kawaguchi’s band, performed with Toshiyuki Hnabe’s Burning Waves, Sadao Watanabe’s band, and was co-led by Motohiko Hinou and Joe Henderson (1988), Terumasa hino, Yoshio Suzu, Kimiko Itoh and Shunzo Ohno. He recorded often with Los Angeles musicians. His own groups were Noriki (191983-6), Pole Pole I (1988-90), as well as a trio (from 1998) Noriki is a professional studio musician who arranges music for television and films. from

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