Solomon Douglas

Solomon Douglas is a jazz pianist, bandleader and a musician. His bands have performed at over fifty camps, exchanges, workshops and other events across North America, Asia and Australia over the past ten year. He is a former swing dancer and instructor, and has a unique understanding of the music blues dancers love to dance to. The Solomon Douglas Swingtet, a ten-piece band, has a repertoire that is influenced by the Basie band (One O’Clock Jump and Jive at Five), and the Ellington band’s (Cottontail and “C” Jam Blues and Mood Indigo) along with some other big-band and classic jazz songs. You can choose from up-tempo swing or slower, groovier jazz. They also cater to all tastes. The Solomon Douglas Swingtet makes frequent appearances at large venues such as the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom (DC) and the Century Ballroom (Seattle), and has played at many internationally-attended dance events such as the Pitt Stop Lindy Hop (Pittsburgh), Nov. 2009; the Emerald City Blues Festival (Seattle), Oct. 2005, Nov. 2008, and Nov. 2009; the Albuquerque Lindy Exchange, Oct. 2009; the Knoxville Lindy Exchange, Sep. 2009; the Century Masters of Lindy and Tap (Seattle), Aug. 2007, Aug. 2008 and Aug. 2009; BABBLE (New York, NY), Apr. 2009; The Orlando Lindy Exchange Mar. 2009; the Orlando Lindy Exchange Mar. 2006; the Killer Diller Ball (Seattle), Dec. 2005; Swing Out Northwest (near Seattle), Dec. 2002, Dec. 2004, and Dec. 2006; the All-Balboa Weekend (Cleveland), May 2003; the Detroit Lindy Exchange, May 2003; and the Toronto Lindy Exchange, Oct. 2002. from

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