Søren Bebe

Soren Bebe is a pianist and composer. Soren is always looking for inspiration and exploring new musical terrains. He’s involved in many musical projects, from jazz to folk music to pop to free improvisation. His primary interest is in his band, Soren Bebe Trio with drummer Anders Mogensen, and electric bassplayer Niels Nyde. As a composer and pianist, I enjoy combining my diverse influences such as Scriabin and Bach to create something new. My music is often described as cinematic and emotionally, which I consider a huge compliment. After our last trio concert, a woman approached me with the comment: “That song you sang “Flying.” It was an interesting story! Soren has lived in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2004 when she graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. from www.sorenbebetrio.com

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