Camilla Collet, Pianist Giulio scaramella, Saxophonist Giorgio Giacobbi and Pianist Giulio Giacobbi were all musicians who met and decided to go on a journey together. Like many good things, our quartet started as a joke but became a place to share the joy and love of songwriting. Sosuu is a Japanese word that means prime numbers. Prime numbers were the glue for our first album. Here’s a sample from the album’s liner note: “These pieces are connected by prime number. Prime numbers are found in the melodies. For example, 2 has sections made up of two-note fragments. 3 also has the same structure. All the tunes have a similar arrangement. This album […]” is also based on prime numbers. We are four individuals with different musical backgrounds and musical influences. We all studied Jazz and Classical music at the same Music Conservatory. Our musical bonds grew stronger as time passed. We shared many musical experiences. Each of us was an accompanying musician to the graduation concerts of others. This created an organic network that influences and expands each other’s musical horizons. Pop, rock, and funk music played an important role in our musical education. We were all curious musicians, and we continue to explore music from all over the globe. We have all played in many different ensembles including big bands, small and medium jazz ensembles as well as rock bands, folk groups, orchestras and other musical ensembles. Each of us have performed as studio musicians and many concerts in theatres. All of us have performed at jazz festivals, weddings and matinees as well as shop openings, birthday parties, poetry readings, and shop openings. We are the typical musicians who create their own music and want to share it with others. Nonetheless we do not disdain playing last-minute-jazz-standard gigs just to make a few bucks while having fun. Visit

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