Spaced Out

Spaced Out is the brainchild of bassist & composer Antoine Fafard. He formed the band in 1998 by recruiting Martin Maheux on drums, Mathieu Bouchard on guitar, and Eric St-Jean on the keyboards. From here onwards, the group began producing their brand of jazzoriented progressive rock, whilst being inspired by a variety of musical styles along the way. In the year 2000, Unicorn Records released the band’s self-titled debut ‘Spaced Out’. Following this album, Bouchard left the group and was replaced by Louis Côté. In 2001, the album ‘Eponymus II’ was released bringing with it a more progressive sound compared to the previous CD; allowing room for musical experiments and exploration. In June 2002 Spaced Out participated at the prestigious North East Art Rock Festival(NEARfest) in Trenton NJ performing to an audience of 1850 people. The band’s performance was received with great enthusiasm, raising Spaced Out’s popularity to another level. The ‘Slow Gin’ album was released in March 2003 and was the result of a more progressive direction. In late 2005, the ‘Spaced Out – Live in 2000’ DVD presented one of Spaced Out’s first concerts. The following album entitled ‘Unstable Matter’ was released in July 2006. That record pushed Spaced Out’s music even further through its musical compositions, musicianship & production quality. After a performance at the Crescendo Festival in France in August 2006, the band released a CD and DVD of the concert and started to compose music for the next album entitled ‘Evolution’ which will be launched at the FMPM on the 13th of September 2008. Spaced Out offers a style of music where aspects such as rhythm, harmony and melody have been carefully thought out and composed with the goal of bringing this style to life. Through the well structured forms, the players are free to express their personality with improvised solos. In their repertoire, polyrhythmic patterns combined with modal colors form a unique music which is instantly recognisable. Influences from musicians and composers from the jazz, rock, metal & contemporary music world have played a big part in the music created and produced by S O. The level of intensity produced by this instrumental music band is to such a high degree, that the listener is undoubtedly left spellbound. from

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