Spectral (rempis/johnston/ochs)

The trio formed free-improvising in the fall 2011 when Rempis traveled to the West Coast to learn more about his fellow Bay Area residents. Trumpeter Johnston, who has been a frequent visitor of Chicago and where they had worked in many different settings over the years, suggested that the trio be performed at Oakland’s Uptown Nightclub. Rempis had never worked with Ochs before but the former’s experience in the ROVA all-horn lineup made it appealing. The first notes were a pleasant and relaxed meeting. Ochs’s experience in the all-horn ROVA lineup made it a natural choice. All three made logical structural decisions that gave their improvisations the feeling of well-composed pieces. Rempis was eager to develop the language they later called “invisible architecture” and made a second trip to the Bay Area in spring 2012 to record two more concerts as well as a recording session. Spectral is the first of their works and was created from that visit. It shows a trio of improvisers playing chess. They are not content with just being present in the moment. Instead, they combine their sensibilities to look ahead and set each other up to take advantage of structural possibilities that provide rare and meaningful forms to otherwise spontaneous music. from https://aerophonicrecords.bandcamp.com

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