Spectrum Road

Tony Williams is frequently hailed the greatest drummer ever to have lived, from his remarkable debut with Miles Davis aged 17 to his pioneering work alongside Larry Young, John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth. The Tony Williams Lifetime, which spans a dozen albums, from 1969-1976, was undoubtedly a landmark in the history of fusion. Tony’s place in jazz history was cemented by his subsequent rise to prominence as a major composer with a series for Blue Note in mid-’80s. Spectrum Road, named after Cindy Blackman, Williams’ faithful protege, is named for the incendiary track on the original Lifetime album. But this isn’t just a tribute group! After making rock history with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, a legendary British bassist joined Lifetime for two records. He now anchors Spectrum Road. The group includes Vernon Reid (of Living Colour), a renowned funk-metal guitarist, and John Medeski (one-third of the jam band juggernaut Medeski), Martin.

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