This project is well worth a close look! The musicians involved are top-notch: Tomek Glazik, a great sax player who has played with avantjazz groups such as Contemporary Noise Sextet or Sing Sing Penelope; Jacek Buhl, drummer in Polish avantgarde, is a key player and his album “Unfinished Books” ranks among the top three Polish jazz albums of this year. Sebastian Gruchot, renowned violinist, is also associated with Sing Sing Penelope. The project was born in Bydgoszcz’s legendary Mozg bar. This Polish-Norwegian band makes great music. Because it is deeply rooted with the yass movement’s iconoclastic but self-ironic approach, it sounds brave and fresh. It can also be very loud, with strong electronic components, which can make it difficult to hear for the unprepared ear. bio by Maciej Nowotny,http://polish-jazz.blogspot.com/

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