Spinetta Jade

Spinetta Jade would be a highly successful and innovative band. Spinetta was joined at the beginning by some of the most important Argentine musicians of all time to help him create the new sound he had been creating since Invisible. The result: A blend of jazz and rock, which was unheard of in Argentina. It also escaped the symphonic boom that hit both Argentina and the rest of the world in the 1980s. These four albums, Alma de diamante (1980), Los Ninos qui Escriben en el Cielo(81), Bajo Belgrano (1983), a tribute to his hometown, and Madre en Anos Luz (1984), are a representation of Spinetta’s evolving style. The sound evolved towards the end of the albums and was more pop-oriented, and included electronic elements such as synthesisers and samplers with “artificial textures”. It is worth noting that the fame and dominance of Spinetta in the Argentinian music world was only matched by Charly Garcia. Many critics and fans felt that the two artists represented opposing styles and values. Spinetta and Charly, along with their respective bands, Jade Giran and Seru Giran, joined forces to create what is probably the greatest show in the history Argentine Rock. Following the dissolution of Spinetta Jade, Spinetta began to work with Charly on an album. However, this was not to be mythical. from http://www.absoluteastronomy.com

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