Spiraless, an instrumental fusion group from all over the world, was founded in 2006. It is composed of Todor Peev (guitar and keys; Blue2You), Atanas Shikov (guitar) as well as Kevin Gobin (bass guitar and keys, drums). Vincent Techer (guitar), and Michel Rahabarhisoa(harmonica) were two other guests. It is my honest opinion that the album’s best feature is Atanas Shishkov, a Bulgarian guitarist virtuoso. It is simply amazing how he moves his guitar neck up and down. The sound is beautifully polished and caressed. Atanas attempts to bring in the blues and folk music of Balkans to his playing, even though it is world-class fusion. It works very well. Their fusions are melodic, peaceful and romantic. They were able to achieve fusion first-division status due to their superior technical skills. They are in the same league Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth. Scott Henderson plays the strings! Department of Virtuosity

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