Spokfrevo Orquestra

SpokFrevo Orquestra takes its inspiration from frevo. This vibrant music is rich in intricate arrangements and deep roots. SpokFrevo puts tradition at the center stage but doesn’t give up on freedom. It is based on the essence of jazz: improvisation. SpokFrevo Orquestra was born in 2003 out of musical experiences dating back to the late nineties. It is led by Inaldo Cavalcante De Albuquerque, Maestro Spok who plays the role of saxophonist and arranger, as well as the musical director. Spok is the leader of a 16-member band, which includes sax, trumpet, trombone, rhythm sections, guitar, and bass. They engage in a mission that transcends aesthetic disputes. Carnival bonds are a way to constrict street festivals in Brazil’s Pernambuco state. This is where centenary frevo was born. SpokFrevo Orquestra presents frevo as the main actor and removes it from its supporting role. This reveals its original texture, and complicated playing technique. They are a musically gifted group that speaks with integrity and respects tradition. Although Spok’s boldness is condemned by purists it is supported by many critics who see his music as the sign of a new school. Tarik de Souza wrote in Jornal do Brasil (17/07/2009) that it is time for frevo jazz. He referred to SpokFrevo “a big band that has synthesized jazz and frevo in a blazing manner”. O Globo newspaper ranked SpokFrevo’s performance at TIM Festival 2005 as one of the ten most memorable gigs in Rio de Janeiro. Passo de Anjo-Live was awarded the Premio da Musica Brasileira in 2009 as the best CD instrumental music. SpokFrevo was also named the best group in that category. 2008 was a good year for SpokFrevo’s international career. Its first European tour on a large scale proved its strength and universality. The Orchestra was invited to perform in France at the Fete de la Musique closing ceremony. The Orchestra performed the final gig at the Palais de l’Elysee. This is the official residence for President Nicolas Sarkozy. First Lady Carla Bruni was also present. SpokFrevo toured throughout France, Italy and the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, and introduced the frevo to the jazz and world music scene. ORIGINS – Inaldo Cavalcante (aka Spok) is considered to have been the youngest of Pernambuco’s greatest frevo maestros. His cousin Gilberto Pontes (saxophonist and Orquestra musical director), inspired him to start playing when he was twelve years old. He completed his musical studies in Recife and began working with the masters from the frevo scene: Ademir Araujo and Clovis Pereira, Duda and Edson Rodrigues. Spok began to explore new possibilities during the 1990’s cultural revival in the city. “I used to look at those musicians improvising, and I wondered why we couldn’t do the same thing to frevo which I used so traditionally following the musical score…whereas those musicians were playing Jazz.” He says, “I am interested musical freedom.” The Orquestra actually plays raw frevo just as it is. Since we are all Pernambuco-born musicians, there is no reason for us not to play this music properly. The differences are the arrangements. They’re meant for improvising and for playing with your heart.” 2003 was a turning point in the band’s history. The group’s early experiences with Orquestra de Frevo do Recife and Banda Pernambucana were a great starting point. In 2003, SpokFrevo Orquestra was formed. It was named by Wellington Lima, the band’s agent. Ze da Flauta, the musical producer, proposed the name. The band released its first CD in 2004. Passo de Anjo, an independent release, blends frevo classics and new compositions to show the endless possibilities of the genre. Levino Ferreira is frevo-de rua’s greatest author. The Orquestra plays Lagrima de Foliao. Mexe com Tudo was recorded by Pixinguinha during the 1940’s. Frevo Sanfonado, a symbol of Brazilian music’s universality, was composed by Sivuca. SpokFrevo pays homage to their masters by performing Clovis Pereira (Ponta de Lanca), Maestro duda (Nino, o pernambuquinho), and Edson Rodrigues (“Frevo Aberto”). Passo de Anjo by Spok/Joao Lina is a more recent version that became the group’s signature song. SpokFrevo Orquestra was notified about Passo de Anjo CD. O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper called it one of the top three Brazilian albums of the year. SpokFrevo’s debut CD was reissued by Biscoito Fino in 2006. They also released DVD and CD Passo de Anjo Live (2007). These were recorded at Santa Isabel Theatre in Recife. It features Genaro (accordion), Armandinho (Bahia guitarist), and Leo Gandelman (“alto saxophone”), with very few changes to the repertoire. from http://www.vo-music.com

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