Stacey Kent

American student of German language moves to Europe to pursue a Masters in Comparative Literature. Stacey Kent, one of the most prominent jazz singers in the world, is a surprise twist to her life. Stacey joined the Blue Note (EMI), recording artist roster in 2007. She now has eight best-selling albums including THE BOY NEXTDOOR (2003), BREAKFASTON THE MORNING TRAM (2007) and RACONTE–MOI (2010). Both of these albums were nominated for Grammys. Stacey also holds a string of awards including the 2001 British Jazz Award, 2002 BBC Jazz Award for Best Vocalist’, 2004 Backstage Bistro Award – best live performance, and the 2006 “Album” Award for Jim Tomlinson’s THE LYRIC. Stacey is currently on tour with her new album, DREAMER in CONCERT. Recorded live at La Cigale in Paris, June 5, 2012, Stacey released it. Blue Note’s Stacey release, BREAKFASTON THE MORNING TRAM, features four original songs including the title track. It was recorded live in Paris at La Cigale and released June 5, 2012. It has been distributed in 38 countries since its September 2007 release. It remained at number one on the French jazz charts and stayed there for more than a year. Stacey and her band toured in 27 countries over 14 months. Stacey’s next album, RACONTE MOI, featured songs written specifically for her and classic French chansons. It went on to be the second-best-selling French language album (outside France) in 2010. Stacey was also awarded the CHEVALIER DES ARTS ET DES LETTRES by the French Culture Minister. A chance encounter in Oxford with jazz saxophonist Jim Tomlinson was the turning point in her life. Jim, like Stacey was on an academic path. However, their meeting ignited a desire to share their passion for music. After spending a year studying at the Guildhall School of Music Stacey was immediately recognized on the London music scene by Jim Tomlinson, her husband. A demo tape sent to Polygram Records, Candid Records, and Humphrey Lyttelton secured Stacey a role in Ian McKellen’s film version RICHARD III. She also received national airplay and endorsement by Britain’s most respected jazz radio station. With her heartfelt and fresh interpretations of some of the greatest love songs of all time, Stacey has enjoyed both critical and widespread success since the release of her first album CLOSE YOUR EYES (1997). It was her 1999 CBS SUNDAY MORNING feature that brought Stacey to greater national attention in the USA. Her international career has grown and she’s been to many concert halls around the world, including Taipei’s Chiang Kai-shek Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Paris’ Olympia. Stacey’s admirers go beyond the faithful fans who buy her albums and attend her concerts. John Harvey, best-selling crime writer, has Stacey perform, even if it’s only in fiction, in Still Water. KazuoIshiguro selected a track from her third album, LET YOUSELF GO, for his appearance on DESERT ISLAND DISCS, BBC Radio. This was the event that brought Kent, Ishiguro, and Tomlinson together to form a songwriting partnership. Clint Eastwood invited Stacey for a 70th birthday celebration, and Michael Parkinson invited Stacey on his television program. Sir David Frost invited Stacey on Sunday morning to sing and review the papers with him on “Breakast with Frost”. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler recently mentioned Stacey as one of his favorite singers alongside Willie Nelson. Perhaps most tellingly, Stacey is loved by the song-writers. Jay Livingston, a three-time Oscar-winning songwriter wrote about her: “Stacey Kent…is a revelation.” She is the best singer today. She sings with the same style as Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald. She sings like Nat Cole, with clear, conversational vocals and perfect phrasing. That’s about as good as it gets. Stacey’s music is dominated by romance. Stacey, herself a romantic, sings timeless stories that touch both young and old. People of all ages and nationalities send her fan mail. In an age when music can divide rather than unify the generations, it’s not uncommon for three generations to attend her concerts. The LYRIC, which is an award-winning recording featuring Jim Tomlinson, best demonstrates this romanticism. This is Stacey’s most intimate collaboration with her husband Jim. This album features a combination of Jim’s saxophone playing and Stacey’s voice that achieves an empathy not possible on previous recordings. Stephen Holden, New York Times’s editor, stated that sometimes the chemistry between musicians can get tangled up in amazing ways. It is easy to imagine yourself listening in on the intimate conversations between Stacey Kent and her husband, Jim Tomlinson. Stacey’s most recent albums, BREAKFASTON THE MORNING TRRAM and RACONTEMOI, reveal a confessional side of her artistic personality. Kent’s previous recordings have not offered a more mature, complete and personal expression of feelings. Stacey’s success is difficult to explain and she remains uncharacteristically coy. Stacey’s voice grabs you. It is a voice that demands attention and be heard, but it never draws attention to herself. Ishiguro, her collaborator, wrote it in the liner notes of her 2002 album IN LOVE AGAIN: “In song after song we find a way to the emotional heart music without having to first admire her technique.” Stacey’s unaffected and natural delivery lets the craft of the songwriters shine through. Her appeal transcends all boundaries. DREAMS BEDS recently selected Stacey to be the voice for their latest advertising campaign featuring her version of HUSHABYE MUNTAIN. From

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