Stacy Sullivan

Stacy Sullivan, a vocalist, was born in Oklahoma to the seventh child of eight siblings in a musical family. At five years old, she started performing in venues throughout the south and midwest. After receiving her degree in Music from Tulsa University, Cum Laude left her home to pursue her acting and musical dreams in Los Angeles. She was a part of many film, television, and commercial projects in Hollywood (memorably playing the role Sissel Jorgensen in the award-winning series “Christy” starring Tyne Daly). However, her career took a back seat to her children for many years. This led to her recording five critically acclaimed self-produced albums. In 2012, she moved to New York to pursue her career goals. She created “It’s A Good Day-A Tribute To Miss Peggy Lee” which was a live show and recording that would transform her life. Stephen Holden of The New York Times described her performance as “Spellbinding,” Darkly Sultry,” or “Compelling.” Clive Davis, The Times (London), wrote that Sullivan’s career dreams took flight when she moved to New York in 2012. from

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