Four students from Frankfurt recorded the four tracks with Stagg. They are among the best at recording at the SWF. They were well-trained on the instruments flute and sax and keyboard, guitar and bass, and drummers. The five tracks lasted about 40 minutes and are a wonderful and unusual piece of music. They are truly a treasure! They are full of energy, incredible melodies, and unexpected twists. It is a unique sound that reminds me of Gomorrha’s second album. This sounds like a rockier version of Thrice Mice, early Thirsty Mon or Jethro Tull during times of Aqualung or Benefit. The two tracks are approximately ten minutes long and allow the musicians to showcase their musical talents with an unusual organ and keyboard sound. There is also a rocking guitar with Spanish interjections and tight drumming with a drummer who plays in a ‘always getting forward’ style. The Frankfurt band performed a lot in Frankfurt, but also Berlin, Munich and Hamburg clubs. From

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