Stan Kenton Alumni Band

The Stan Kenton Orchestras 1956-1978 alumni come together for concerts, festivals, cruises, dances, and clinics. The band tours the United States each year and performs at jazz festivals and cruises. We perform the Stan Kenton Orchestra’s well-known music. In keeping with Stan’s insistence that we not only perform nostalgia-type music, we also perform new Kenton-style material as well as original material by the Band members. While we don’t want to be the Stan Kenton Orchestra, we continue his legacy of jazz education and creative music. Click here to see photos of Stan Kenton Alumni Band. Mike Vax, the leader of the Stan Kenton Alumni Band, is a native of Oakland, CA and Oakland Public Schools. He graduated from Oakland High School in 60. Since his time at College of the Pacific, over 45 years ago, he has been leading a large band on and off. Some of his accomplishments include being the first trumpet, soloist, and road manager of Stan Kenton Orchestra; being co-leader during Mr. Kenton’s recovery from surgery; leading Dukes of Dixieland, New Orleans; producing and/or directing music for more than 30 jazz festivals; and performing workshops at over 2000 high schools, colleges, and universities around the globe. He is an International Artist with the GETZEN COMPANY. The big band’s goals are to play meaningful music, speak about jazz heritage in America, promote jazz music to young people and provide an enjoyable, relaxed environment for our audience. from

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