Stark Linnemann Quartet

StarkLinnemann has been trying to create music that is ageless since its inception in 2012. They are both musicians and composers who create their own style by mixing jazz with elements from classical music and world music. Artists are those who push themselves to achieve the best possible rendition of an art work. StarkLinnemann’s unique approach to transforming classical masterpieces like Beethoven, Chopin, Mussorgsky, and Chopin into complex, but cohesive, modern jazz compositions is unparalleled in jazz-history. StarkLinnemann’s music can be described as Universal Crossover Music. Paul Stark (piano), and Jonas Linnemann, drummers, were constantly searching for musicians who would conform to StarkLinnemann’s broad vision. They have been able to work with many different line-ups since the formation of the group and have proven themselves very versatile in terms musical styles and genres. You can hear this on their albums Awake (2014), Transcending Chopin Volume 1 (2016) and Transcending Chopin Volume 2.

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