Steam Theory

STEAM THEORY is Jason Denkevitz’s creative outlet. He produces and records his own music, sometimes employing guest musicians to achieve his musical goals. This has led to two full-length productions, Enduring Delirium (2010) u0026 Helios Rider (2012). Both albums explore a musical mix of blues, world music and fusion within a progressive rock framework. There are several other releases in the works. The STEAM THEORY BAND, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is an original instrumental rock band that performs many of the original tracks. The group was formed in 2008 and currently includes Jason Denkevitz, Mike Esposito, Keith Misemer, Roger Stewart, and Mike Esposito, on Guitar/Synth. The music ranges from jazz-influenced songs to heavier, classic/progressive rock songs that incorporate elements of blues and fusion. Steam Theory has performed at many clubs in the Baltimore/Washington D.C./Virginia area, including Orion Studios, Artomatic Festival (2009 u0026 2012), Govans Fall Festival and Huckas Taps, Tyson’s Tavern and Brass Monkey, and the Java Lounge. from

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