Stefan Keune

1965, Oberhausen, Germany. Sopranino and alto Saxophones. Stefan Keune began studying privately with various teachers in 1982, starting on the tenor-saxophone. From the beginning, he was drawn to free and improvised music. He also used classical techniques from current music as his basis. Keune started playing in local bands with Martin Blume in 1985. Since then, he has been devoted to improvised music. He added the sopranino in 1987 to his repertoire and has been exclusively playing it since 1998. He made contacts with Paul Lytton in 1990, and later with Matthias Bauer, Dietmar Diesner, and other musicians. He founded the Stefan Keune Trio in 1991 with Lytton, Hans Schneider, and the CD Loft was released in 1992. The work was then followed by a period of intense chamber music-like work, such as in a quartet consisting of Paul Lovens and John Russell, Hans Schneider, and others. He feels a close connection with British free improvisors like Roger Turner, Phil Durrant and John Butcher, as well as European improvisors like Mats Gustafsson and Raymond Strid. He founded the “Ensemble Echtzeit” with Thomas Lehn and Gunda Gottschalk. Hans Schneider, Melvyn poore, Marc Charig. Paul Lytton. Erhard Hirt. Ute Voelker and Philippe Micol. from

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