Stefano Ferrian

Stefano Ferrian, an italian musician, composer, and improviser, is based in Novara in the north-west of Italy. Since the age of nine, he has been playing guitars and studying different genres such as Blues, Rock Fusion, Funky, Avantgarde, Rock, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Rock, Fusion and Fusion. He was a member of the well-known avant-core Italian band,.psychofagist. He has also worked with many other bands, including Udus, Ephel Duath and Insane Assholes. Mombu, The True Endless, ETB, Mombu, ETB, ETB, Mombu, ETB, Hunab Ku, ETB and the folk project Skoll. After playing in experimental/extreme bands for more than a decade, he began studying Saxophones. Right now he’s involved as guitarist/saxophonist in the field of European Radical Improvisation, Jazz and Experimental/Extreme projects. He has been playing all over Europe since 2002, including in Italy, Switzerland and Portugal, Belgium as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia. Slovenia. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia. He recorded and played live with artists such as Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), Damo Suzuki (ZU), Stefano Giust (Stefano Giust), Stefano Giust), Ivan Pilat (ZU), Chris Iemulo. He also performed at European Festivals such as Obscene Extreme OA [CZ], Rockpool (GER], Mostovna Metal Fest (SLO], @ltera Fest (ITA], Novara Jazz Fest (ITA], Fekal Party (CZ], Incubate Fest (NL). from

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