Stephan Thelen

Born in Santa Rosa, California on May 12, 1959. He is a musician, composer and producer, as well as a mathematician. He is married to Katharina (born 1999) and has two children, Sancho (born 1987) and Diego (born 1984). Education: Studied classical guitar, Guitar Craft Seminars with Robert Fripp, founder and guitarist of King Crimson, during the 1990s. Also, a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Zurich in 1990. Musical activities: Plays or plays guitar and electronics in various ensembles and bands in and around Zurich, which focuses on music at the edges of rock, jazz and classical music. (Sonar Radio Osaka License to Chill Broken Symmetry, Root Down, Radio Osaka, Radio Osaka, Radio Osaka and Radio Osaka). Many CD Productions (No No Diet Bang and Peter Scharli Sextet). Many Theatre- and Dance- und Filmproductions. He has been focusing more on compositions for classical chamber music since 2004 and, since 2010, on Sonar’s minimal-progressive work. from

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