Stéphane Galland

Stephane Galland is a Belgian drummer who has been a member for twenty years of the Aka Moon trio. He has also surrounded himself with musicians with whom he wants to share the stage and recording room: his Dream Team. The beginning point was when he met Tigran Hamasyan (the young Armenian genius at the piano), and he became a better drummer. As the pieces fell into place, the final configuration was formed. It includes Magic Malik, the wizard of the flute; Petar Ralchev, the king of Bulgarian accordion; Carles Benavent, the most talented flamenco bass player; and Misirli Ahmet, the undisputed master of Turkish percussion. This project is as diverse as it is coherent and is sure to be as successful on stage as it is on CD (or should we say recorded music). This album is for you if you enjoy being surprised and fascinated by the virtuosity and lyricism of the protagonists, and if you feel like you have not wasted your time and are in a good mood, then this album is for you. from

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