Steve Noble

Steve Noble studied with Elkan Ogunde, a Nigerian master drummer. He was also a member Rip Rig and Panic in the 1980s, which toured extensively throughout Europe and England. He has been involved in many musical contexts since then, but has also been heavily involved in improvised music through his work with many musicians. They include: Derek Bailey’s Company. Noble participated in Company Weeks 1987, 1989, and 1990. He also appeared at the Thessalonika jazz festival in 1985. In 1987, he was part of a Company tour to Italy and Switzerland. Also, he was featured in the TV series Improvisation, It’s nature and practice of music, based on Derek Bailey’s book. He has composed original music for Alessandro Certini’s Verso madre del turco (1988), Monserrat Llabres’ L’hombre del’ocelot (1991), and Mal Pelo’s Cancion por las pajaros (1993), Cancion per Bernabe (1997), and Orache (1998). Steve Noble is the owner of Ping Pong Productions. from

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