Stevko Busch

Stefan ‘Stevko” Busch (1966), was born in Rhineland and currently resides in the Netherlands. He completed his studies at Swelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam (1996). He has been playing in Contraband since then under the direction Willem van Manen. He also played as Misha Mengelberg in a duet in Contraband. He won the JazzArt award 2001 with his electronic trio Box of Toads. Busch has performed in France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, as well as at the MoersFestival (Berlin Jazzfest). He was the curator of the informal concert series composed and improvised pianist music Pianolab.Amsterdam, which he co-hosts with other renowned musicians. The Pianolab has been on tour in Germany and the Ntherlands since 2013. In November 2006, he was married to his daughter. She continues to remind him about the most important things in life. Stevko Busch formed a duo with Paul van Kemenade in 1995. They released versions of Russian Orthodox chants on the CD Contemplation, which was released in April 2010. His music is in its purest form in his quartet FUGARA, which he formed with Paul van Kemenade / Markus Stockhausen/ Tom Arthurs/Markku Ounaskari. His music includes improvisations, compositions, and sometimes with echoes from chamber music. In addition to music for film soundtracks, he composes music that can be used in contemporary ensembles. His spatial sound composition Europealis was performed at several locations, including the Cologne Galleries and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. He introduces classical musicians and improvisers to a wide range of modern improvisational techniques in his workshops and courses at the Conservatorium Arnhem. Busch’s collaboration with KAIDA, a contemporary chamber group, earned special awards for improvisation at the Gaudeamus Concours 2003 as well as the Illzach Chamber Music Festival. from

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