Stina Hellberg Agback

Stina hellberg Agback, Improvising Harpist, has been performing for the past ten year. She has performed at festivals and venues with her groups Trilobit/Jonas Isaksson Quartet, Stina hellberg Agback/Stina Heckberg Agback, and duo Eva Lindal/Stina Höllberg Agback, as well as other projects. She has four albums as a band leader: Stina Hellberg Agback/Jonas Isaksson Quintet Now (2018), Jonas Isaksson/Stina Hellberg Agback 2017 and Trilobit/Trilobit 2016 respectively. All of them have been praised as outstanding recordings that cross genres, including jazz, folk music, and rock. Magazines like Lira, Orkesterjournalen, and Downbeat have given them enthusiastic reviews. Hellberg Agback has collaborated extensively with the pop world. Frida Hyvonen and Seinabo Sey performed with Hellberg Agback. She also appeared on records with Pernilla Anderson, Sarah Blasko, Maia Hirasawa, and Pernilla Andersson. Hellberg Agback has a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance from the Royal College of Music. She also attended Trinity College of Music and Berklee College of Music. from

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