The son of a milkman who went on to become a teacher. His experience in that environment inspired “Don’t Stand So Near To Me”, one of the many classic songs of his band, The Police. He was ridiculed for his tree-hugging, Tantric ways. However, he is now an elder statesman in pop Gordon Sumner. He was born and raised here and is known as ‘Sting’ because of the black and yellow stripes sweater he wore while performing. His mother, a classically trained pianist, offered him an advanced piano scholarship. Although he was also trained as a teacher and enjoyed jazz and guitar, Sting decided to quit his job and move to London to pursue a career in music. Stewart Copeland, an American drummer, was impressed by his talent and convinced him to take up rock music. The trio formed the Police with Andy Summers as guitarist. Their rock-reggae sound was able to break through with “Roxanne”, a song about a prostitute that was later banned by BBC. This ensured it’s hit status. Their single was so popular that A Records, their record label, signed them.

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