Fred Lonberg–Holm, Nick Macri, and Charles Rumback make up Stirrup. They first met as “the shimmering rhythm section at Horse’s Ha”, (Time Out Chicago). In 2009, they formed their own trio to explore deep grooves and moody harmonies and longer structures. The band is a true collective. All three members arrange and write music for it. Their influences include the likes of Ken Vandermark and Mark Eitzel, Via Tania and Anthony Braxton. Fred Lonberg–Holm enjoys working in a variety of situations with musicians. Stirrup is not the only project he has. Other ongoing projects include: Seval, Friction Brothers, The Valentine Trio and The Boxhead Ensemble, ADA trio with Brotzmann-Love, VCDC, Fast Citizens and Ballister. Joe McPhee’s Survival Unit III and The Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet are also current. Clare Cooper and Andrea Neumann were his improvisors. Shelly Hirsch and Tomeka Reid, Shelly Schmidt, Tomeka Reid, Michiyo Yanagi, Carrie Shull, Carrie Biolo. Rachel Wadham, Mary Halvorson. Joelle Leandre. Joanne Powers. Zeena Parkins. Judy Dunaway. Lotte Anker. Katherine Young. Jessica Pavone. Under the Lightbox Orchestra, he also leads large revolving ensembles. His extensive discography includes both free improvised jazz recordings and new music, rock, and noise. Nick Macri, a Chicago native and bassist, has worked in a variety of musical settings over the years. These range from sideman gigs and creative group settings to solo work and theater work. He was/is a contributor to many groups, including the instrumental explorers Euphone and Heroic Doses. He has recorded sessions and performed as a sideman with a variety of artists, including Laetitia Sadier, Mark Eitzel, American Music Club, Jeremy Enigk, Sunny Day Real Estate, Ken Vandermark and Azita. Charles Rumback is an iconic figure in the diverse and rich Chicago music scene. He was born in Kansas and moved to Chicago to complete his degree at the Chicago College of Performing Arts in Jazz Composition. He has toured and recorded regularly with such projects as Azita and the Horse’s Ha as well as Colorlist and L’altra. Colorlist, Leaf Bird, and Stirrup are his current projects. Charles’ jazz playing is closely connected to the tradition. However, he has also worked with many artists, including Asuna and Caroline Davis, John Hughes, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Matt Lux. Nick Macri, Ron Miles. Liz Payne. Jason Stein. John Tate. Greg Ward. From

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