Stomu Yamashta’s Go

STOMU YAMASH’TA, born in Kyoto Japan in 1947 under the name Yamashita Tsutomu. He has been a performer and composer (percussion, keyboards), of jazz rock fusion, serious music, and electronica since the late 60’s. He studied jazz. He has performed and toured with the Chicago Chamber Orchestra as well as the rock band Come to The Edge. YAMASH’TA recorded jazz, fusion, and rock music as well as music by Maxwell-Davis u0026 Henze. In the 1970’s, he arrived in Europe and worked briefly in France for theatrical multi-media projects. He was the founder of “Red Buddah Theatre”, and “The Man From The East” before moving across the Channel from England. YAMASH’TA recorded most of his 70’s albums during the 70’s in the UK, but very few Island Records recordings have been released on CD. He composed the soundtracks to “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, the David Bowie movie (“The Man Who Fell to Earth”), Ken Russell’s “The Devils”, as well as the race car documentary “One By One”. STOMU YAMASH’TA is perhaps best known for his leadership of the supergroup GO, which included STEVIE WINWOOD and AL DIMEOLA. He also performed on three albums. YAMASH’TA was also instrumental in the formation of GO. He also played a significant role in the nurturing of musicians, who became well-known for their involvement in important UK jazz rock bands in the 70’s, such as. BRAND X, ISOTOPE – This is a worthwhile expansion since it is an aspect of his work that is relevant to Progarchives. YAMASH’TA attracted musicians like MORRIS PERT, GARY BOYLE (previously known for his work with BRIAN AUGER), to his “Red Buddah Theatre”, project/recording. This was one of the few CDs available and later on many other recordings. MORRIS PERT recorded his first album as SUNTREADER with Peter ROBINSON, another future BRAND X player. HUGH HOPPER, an ex SOFT MACHINIST, was recruited by YAMASH’TA to record the 1973 album “Freedom Is Frightening”. This is one of those albums that deserves to be released on CD. BOYLE and HOPPER were collaborating for the first time. GARY BOYLE formed ISOTOPE. HUGH HOPPER joined them for their second album “Illusion”. 1974 saw the formation of EAST WIND by YAMASH’TA. STOMU YAMASH’TA, who had left Europe in 1980 for Japan, retired to a Buddhist temple near Kyoto. He then made a few recordings using synthesisers, prerecorded taped sound and percussion. The 1983 album “Sea and Sky”, which he called “space music”, is available on CD. His electronica/ambient albums are still being released occasionally. – From Progressive Rock Archives

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