Stooges Brass Band

Although the Stooges Brass Band is a top-notch brass band in New Orleans, they have only recently been given the recognition and accolades that they deserve for their contribution to the New Orleans music scene. Their high-energy show has been captivating audiences on the street and on stage since 1996. They blend traditional New Orleans brass sounds with contemporary hip-hop beats. The Stooges Brass Band is a well-known musical group that performs on stage and leads second-line parades. They are undoubtedly one of the most hardworking bands in New Orleans, and their dedication has had a significant impact. The Stooges Brass Band won the Red Bull Street Kings title under the Claiborne Bridge in NOLA in October 2010. The Stooges Brass Band also won this honourable title. They were able to travel all expenses paid to record and mentor a Red Bull Studios producer in California. The title of “Best Contemporary Brass Band”, presented by the Big Easy Music Awards, was awarded to the Stooges Brass Band in April 2011. The Stooges Brass Band is a contemporary, high-energy band that performs in clubs all over the country. bio by

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