String Connection

String Connection, the legendary Polish jazz band of the 1980s was hailed as one of the most fascinating bands to emerge from “young power”. They played regularly at jazz festivals in Poland, such as Jazz Jamboree or Jazz nad Odra. String Connection has released nine albums. They dominated both the Jazz Forum polls as a band and individually. In 2009 they reunited (Krzesimir Debski (violin, acoustic piano, Polymoog), Krzysztof Przybylowicz (drums), Zbigniew Lewandowski (drums), Andrzej Olejniczak (soprano and tenor saxophone), Janusz Skowron (Fender piano, Hammond organ, Polymoog), and Krzysztof Scieranski (bass)) and played first gig at the Fabryka Trzciny arts center in Warsaw Feb. 23. from

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