Sugarpie & Candymen

Sugarpie & The Candymen is a quintet from Italy and Usa who rearrange Pop, Rock and Disco classics in the style of Gypsy, Jive and Swing. In one night you might hear (surprisingly one next to the other) Led Zeppelin, Django Reinhardt, The Beatles, Bessie Smith, Van Halen, Benny Goodman, Guns & Roses, Gene Krupa, Queen or Peggy Lee!! (And the late-late night set might even be topped off with some Blues and R&B classics). The show is most complete! The band is led by female vocalist “Sugar Pie” Georgia Ciavatta, she has an amazingly mature and technically sound voice. In her sparkling red dress and authentic 40s hairdo, she leads the Candymen (Jacopo Delfini, Renato Podesta’, Roberto Lupo) through an elegant and spectacular show, both musically and visually. The band has also released three CDs on the Italian jazz label, IRMA Records – La Douce. The CDs host also original songs written by the band, and two of these were singles aired on the most important national radios in Italy (RadioRAI1 e RadioRAI2 – Caterpillar) and Switzerland. from

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