In Munich, Klaus Weiss (drums), and Fritz Pauer(keyboards), jazz musicians, founded the fusion band Sunbirds in 1971. They had already established a reputation for themselves. They recruited Jimmy Woode, Philip Catherine and Ferdinand Povel to play flutes. Fritz Pauer was the one who came up with the name Sunbirds. He also wrote the songs in E major, E minor and titles that included the word “sun”. In esotericism, E is the sound that represents the sun. They were able to sign quickly a contract with BASF, the newly founded label. In 1971, the LP was released under the name “Sunbirds” (BASF 21111-2). These bonus tracks, which are still unreleased, were taken from the same master tapes that the LP/CD tracks. The Sunbirds’ second LP, “Zagara”, will be available on CD later from Garden Of Delights label info

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