Suns Of Arqa

Suns of Arqa is an international collective that has members from many countries. Since its inception, the collective has had more than 200 members from over 30 different countries. The collective has featured some of the most influential musicians and producers, including Adrian Sherwood and John Leckie. They were the first to combine the Indian Raga’s melodic structure with electronic music’s heavy beats. Suns of Arqa started combining Traditional Ethnic Instruments with producers and DJs who explored the latest digital technology as music technology improved. SUNS OF ARCA are a pivotal force in World Music and a pioneer of the now-famous genre known as World Beat. SOA was founded in 1979 by WADADA, Manchester England. It has released more than 35 albums on labels like EMI, VIRGIN and INTERCHILL. They have appeared at major Festivals such as the 1st WOMAD Festival and the GLASTONBURY Festival. They continue to tour the world and collaborate with producers and musicians from all over. Their albums can be purchased through their label ARKA SOUND. The BIG release is their most recent.

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