Supersax, a jazz group that was founded in 1972 by Buddy Clark and Med Flory in tribute to Charlie Parker, was created by the saxophonist Buddy Clark. The music of the group consisted of harmony arrangements of Charlie Parker improvisations performed by a saxophone (two altos, two tenors and a baritone), rhythm section, bass, piano, drums and a brass instrument (trombone, trumpet, or trumpet). The group recorded notable brass soloists such as Conte Candoli (trumpet), Frank Rosolino(trombone), and Carl Fontana (“trombone”). The group’s recordings were tightly orchestrated and had little to no improvisation. Warne Marsh, saxophonist, was part of the original edition. Lee Konitz stated that there were bootleg tapes of Warne playing solo. From Wikipedia: They won the Grammy Award in 1974 for Best Jazz Performance by a Group.

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