Svein Finnerud

Svein Finnerud was born in Oslo on 2 September 1945 and died in Oslo 22 June 2000. He was a Norwegian jazz pianist. Under the guidance of Chrix Dahl, Finnerud studied at Statens handverks – og kunstindustriskole (1967-1972). He had many exhibitions and was later purchased by Nasjonalgalleriet. In the 1960s, Finnerud was a well-known figure in Norwegian jazz circles as he was a member of the Knutaudum’s Orchestra. He played alongside guitarist and bassist Bjornar AndrĂ©sen. With Bjornar andresen, Espen Rud, drummer, he founded the free jazz group Finnerud Trio (1967-1974). They performed at many international jazz festivals including Warszawa (1970), thanks to their Paul Bley-inspired musical expression. Svein Finnerud Trio (1969), Plastic Sun (1970, Odin 1993), and Thoughts (1974/1984) were their albums. They became well-known for their multi-media arts forms of jazz and visual arts. He also worked with Carl Magnus Neumann and Peter Opsvik, and Henie-Onstad Arts Centre. The album Multimal (1971) was recorded by the trio. It is a musical setting for Trond Botnen’s poems. They were also part of the experimental works by Ketil Bjornstad. The trio performed at Moldejazz in 1993 and released the album Travel Pillow the following year. Svein Christiansen was replaced on drums by the group Travel Pillow. They also played the Kongsberg Jazz Festival with Close Erase (1997). Finnerud’s album Sounds and sights (2000) was released under his own name. It featured contributions from Jon Eberson (guitar), Terje Geowelt (bass), Svein Christen (drums), and Nils Petter Molvaer, the drummer, and his son Bendik Finnerud (piano). Finnerud has contributed multiple contributions to the album Egne hoder (Paal Andresen-Love, 2000, BP Records). You will also find Ida Lupino by American composer Carla Bley in the Turning Pages: Jazz in Norway 1960-70. (Norsk Jazzarkiv 2001). From Wikipedia

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