Sweet Smoke

Sweet Smoke was a psychedelic rock band that formed in Brooklyn in 1967. They moved to Europe in 1969 and lived and performed in Germany, Holland, and France until 1974, when they split. Some members stayed in Europe while others went to India. However, most of the group returned to the United States. Sweet Smoke, despite being born in the U.S.A, is often called a Krautrock group. They are known for their lively rhythms, creative improvisations, and complex musical structures. In interviews, they claim that their music is influenced by Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. The group is well-known online and EMI International sells their CDs worldwide. The group formed a commune in Germany in a farm house near Emmerich. It was located about one kilometer from the Dutch border. They were well-known for their spirited performances and their interest in Eastern and Psychedelic philosophies. Andy Dershin (bass guitar), Michael Paris, (tenor Saxophone, Alto Recorder, Vocals, Percussion), Jay Dorfman, (drums and percussion), Marvin Kaminowitz, (lead guitar, vocals), and Victor Sacco, (guitar) were the original members of the group when they arrived in Germany. Steve Rosenstein (rhythm guitar and vocals) would soon replace Victor. The group recorded Just a Poke, their first LP with Konrad “Conny”, Plank, EMI. Sweet Smoke 1974 with their Ford Transit van (from right to left: John, Rick and Enid), After recording Just a Poke Sweet Smoke disbanded temporarily. The majority of the group drove the Ford Transit van across the country to India to embark on a spiritual journey with Ananda Marga, a socio-spiritual group. The band spent the next few months volunteering in refugee camps to help refugees fleeing the war for independence in Bangladesh. After meeting German tourists in Nepal, the group learned about Just a Poke’s success. They went back to Europe and signed a new recording deal with EMI. Jeffrey Dershin, pianist, percussionist, and vocalist, was added as a permanent member. In 1973, the group recorded their second album From Darkness to Light at EMI Studios in Holland. In 1973, Jeffery Dieshin and Michael Paris resigned from the group. Rick Greenberg (rhythm guitar, sitar and vocals) was appointed their replacement. The group split up at the close of 1974. Their last concert was in Berlin’s Hochschule fur Musik. The group recorded the concert and Sweet Smoke Live was released by EMI. Wikipedia

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